SypherPK Experiences the Benefits of Aim Assist While Using a Controller on Fortnite

by Matt Porter


Luminosity streamer Sypher ‘SpyherPK’ Ali got a first hand look at how valuable aim assist can be when playing Fortnite with a controller.


Engaging in a gunfight against a player who had the higher ground, Sypher was able to pick the opponent out of the sky using a controller.

Sypher was definitely pleased with his efforts, even though he admitted that aim assist may have helped him, laughing;

“Triple headshot! Welcome to aim assist!”


Sypher uses a keyboard and mouse setup when he’s playing Fortnite competitively, but has used a controller sporadically in the past for videos and streams.

It’s generally accepted that players who use a keyboard and mouse have an advantage over those who use a controller. Using a mouse provides a greater range of motion and more precision when aiming compared to a controller's thumbsticks.


There are players who can compete at a high level user a controller, regardless of the disadvantages. 100 Thieves streamer NICKMERCS regularly places highly in Fortnite competitions, and Ghost Gaming's Aydan won the Day 3 Summer Skirmish Qualifier at PAX WEST.

While it seems unlikely that we will see Sypher using a controller in a competitive environment in the future, it’s clear to see that his Fortnite skills are transferable no matter what peripheral he’s using.