Streamer 'TThump' hilariously loses his mind after getting spammed by Miniguns in Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


The 'spamming' of rapid fire weapons is still very much a meta in Fortnite Battle Royale, and streamer 'TThump' has had enough of it.


Live-streaming Fortnite on his Twitch channel, TThump was in a match when he came up against some players who decided to pull out their Minigun weapons and use it against him.

Knowing that his only chance to make it out of the tight situation was by building, he pulled out his edits and began rapidly placing wall structures between himself and the onslaught of rapidly fired bullets. 


What resulted was a situation of pure hilarity; the more the enemy players spammed their Miniguns, the faster the streamer built his walls.

Eventually, TThump began resorting to just violently and rapidly swinging his mouse from side to side, his frustration visibly building up to the point where he could not contain it any longer.


It's hard to determine which part of the clip is the funniest - the screech during the heat of the gunfight, his immediate reaction after he was eliminated, or his attempt to calm himself down in the aftermath.

It's hard to blame TThump for reacting the way he did; being on the wrong end of the spam meta in Fortnite can be an excruciatingly frustrating experience, especially if there are multiple enemy players involved.