Streamer CDN comes up with awesome Fortnite emote concept to taunt hiding opponents

by Ross Deason


Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber CDNThe3rd is well known for coming up with interesting and innovative Fortnite concepts, but his latest suggestion for a new emote might be his best yet.


The online entertainer, real name Caesar Noriega, has seen impressive growth since switching to Fortnite Battle Royale in alte 2017, and he’s always willing to give his feedback and input on what could be changed or added to the game.

On October 23 he did just that, suggesting an interesting new emote that would be perfect for taunting your opponents as they try to hide from you.


Ceez would like to see a ‘Knocking’ emote that could be used on doors, buildings or player-built structures when another player is cowering away from your attacks:

“Million Dollar emote idea. A ‘Knocking’ emote. Can be used to taunt/mess with people camping in buildings or their own built structures,” he explained on Twitter, even adding a GIF of the sort of action he has in mind.


It’s easy to imagine how much this suggested emote would be utilized by top streamers and YouTubers for their content, but even the average player could have a great deal of fun for it.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Epic Games will consider adding it to the game, but they often take community feedback and popular concepts into consideration as they work on producing new content.

Watch this space!