Strange Fortnite Season 5 quicksand bug is giving players God Mode

Published: 3/Dec/2020 10:43

by David Purcell


Epic Games have a problem on their hands already with Fortnite Season 5, Chapter 2’s quicksand feature, as players are actually using it to get God Mode and become invisible.

The new feature is quite similar to that of props, added in Season 10 of the game’s first chapter. These allowed members of the community to hide in different forms around the map, though this time you can instead become a moving ball of sand right at the heart of the map.

There’s a problem, though.

If you’re lucky enough, you can actually become completely out of sight from your opponents, which seems to be the battle royale’s latest game-breaking bug.

Fortnite map POI
Epic Games
Sand is becoming a problem already in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite Season 5 quicksand bug

The issue was spotted on December 2, which is the day the patch went live to kick off Season 5.

While many players have been delighted by much of the map changes, which includes the inclusion of The Mandalorian and his ship right at the heart of the island, quicksand is actually proving to be divisive. On one hand, it can be hilarious if the bug works in your favour, but try taking somebody down in God Mode. It’s not easy!

As seen in a post from iFireMonkey – one of the game’s popular data miners – players have been disappearing or given unlimited health.

Players are becoming Invisible or having Godmode due to the quicksand. from FortNiteBR

Not ideal for a game where wins are decided in single gunfights. For all we know, many Victory Royales have been cost by this issue in-game.

At the time of writing, the quicksand bug is not on the official Fortnite Trello Board, which suggests the dev team hasn’t yet spotted the problem. In response to the post, one player said: “This happened to me earlier today. I was getting repeatedly shot inside my sealed 1×1. I was flabbergasted.”

Another posted: “Happened to me too. I was just sitting in a 1×1 build and healing and suddenly my wall started to break. It kept breaking again and again so I used a shockwave to get the fuck out of there.” According to the thread, this is impacting PC, mobile, and those on consoles.

That means that not only is it making it difficult to see enemies from afar, but for all you know they’re right inside the square you’re building on. Hopefully, this problem is resolved swiftly.


Where to find Predator’s apartment at Hunter’s Haven in Fortnite

Published: 20/Jan/2021 14:14

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite players looking to unlock the Bio-Helmet Online emote will need to visit Predator’s apartment, and we’ve got a handy location map to make that a whole lot easier.

Predator has finally made his grand entrance on The Island. As expected, you can find him as a Boss character at Stealthy Stronghold, where he protects an incredible Mythic item that lets you turn invisible.

Once you’ve defeated Predator – be warned, it’s an incredibly difficult challenge – and unlocked his skin, you’ll want to set your sights on completing the rest of the Jungle Hunter Quests to grab yourself the full Predator cosmetics set.

Predator Boss Fortnite
Epic Games
Predator is the latest epic crossover skin in Fortnite Season 5.

Alongside the Predator skin, players with this season’s Battle Pass will be able to unlock a Yautja Wristblades pickaxe, a Hunter’s Trophy back bling, a Bio-Helmet Online emote, and a Hunter’s Arsenal weapon wrap.

Right now, we’re going to help you complete the ‘Visit Predator’s Apartment in Hunter’s Haven as Predator’ quest to unlock the sweet Bio-Helmet Online emote that lets Predator take his mask off.

Predator’s apartment location in Fortnite

As the quest description suggests, you’ll need to head to Hunter’s Haven to find Predator’s apartment. This point of interest is located near the center of the map, just south of the Zero Point and the sandy area.

The building that contains Predator’s apartment is at the northwest of Hunter’s Haven. We’ve marked it on the handy map below so you should have no trouble finding it.

Fortnite Predator's Apartment Location
Epic Games
Predator’s apartment is located here in Hunter’s Haven.

As there will be a lot of other players hunting for this location to complete the quest, you’lll want to head straight to Hunter’s Haven, land on top of the building, and make your way down to the apartment.

You’ll know you’ve made it to the right apartment because the room now contains several static decorations that are themed around Predator, including a Weapon Rack, a Medkit, and a ‘Nightmare Platform’.

Predator's Apartment in Fortnite
Epic Games
Predator’s apartment contains new decorations themed around the iconic movie villain.

Remember you’ll also need to be wearing the Predator skin to complete this quest. If you’re not sure how to do that, we’ve got a helpful guide to beating Predator which will let you unlock the skin for yourself.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll unlock the Bio-helmet Online emote, which is one of the best we’ve seen in the game as it lets you remove Predator’s mask, revealing the terrifying face beneath it.