Mysterious Storm Flip item revealed for Fortnite Battle Royale

. 3 years ago
Epic Games

A new Storm Flip item has appeared in the Fortnite Battle Royale news feed ahead of the soon-to-be-released v9.20 update. 

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Epic Games have, for the longest time, used their in-game news feed to reveal new additions to the battle royale ahead of the update that will bring it to players. The previously leaked Burst SMG was a part of the May 28 feed, before being released on May 29 in the v9.10 content update.

In their weekly update of the news, Epic have now revealed a mysterious new item that is expected to release in the upcoming v9.20 update.

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Epic Games
The Burst SMG was a part of the v9.10 update and had a major role in the news feed.

The Storm Flip item appeared on the in-game news feed on June 3, alongside an advertisement for a new set of skins in the Item Shop and a warning about account scams.

The item was showcased as a small potion-like bottle with a lightning bolt engraved through the middle and sparks appearing at the top. “Unleash the storm or tame it. The choice is yours!” reads the description, leaving fans with a small hint about the item’s ability.

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A full look at the June 3 Fortnite news feed.
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However, data miners have not yet gone to work on this week’s update, so it’s unknown just what the item is set to do. Considering the “Unleash the storm or tame it” description, some players have already speculated that the item might just work like stink bombs – being thrown at players to cause storm damage, even if they’re inside the safe zone.

Another popular theory is that players will be able to consume the item like a shield and become immune to storm damage for a set amount of time. Yet, that is purely speculation thanks to the lack of information given about the item outside out of its appearance on the in-game news feed.

The v9.20 update is expected to go live on Wednesday, June 5 and it remains to be seen if Epic drops the new item as a major part of the patch.

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