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Store Called ‘Epic Loot Games’ Getting Hundreds of Calls from Angry Fortnite Players Who Think it is Epic Games

Published: 15/May/2018 15:12 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:53

by Calum Patterson


A small shop in a mall in Ohio named ‘Epic Loot Games’ has apparently been receiving hundreds of calls from angry Fortnite players who mistakenly believe they are calling Epic Games.

Of course, Epic Games are the development studio behind the insanely popular battle royale game, and it is just an unfortunate coincidence that this small store has such a similar name.

The store has apparently taken calls from hundreds of disgruntled Fortnite players, many of whom proceed to curse and complain to store staff, thinking they are speaking to Epic Games support.

‘Loot’ is obviously a key part of Fortnite as well, so the name really couldn’t be any more unlucky.

Speaking to Kotaku, assistant manager at the store Hunter Davies says he often ‘plays bartender’ to these angry players, most of whom raging about weapons, mechanics, servers and lag in the game.

“A kid between nine and 16 screamed expletives at me: ‘Fix your fucking game, fix your servers.’ Then he just hung up on me.

There are so many calls – pranks, angry gamers, kids who don’t understand why the support doesn’t have a readily available method of contact. 

We started telling them to use the website because they can’t actually talk to anyone on the phone.”

Epic Loot Games in Ohio. Image: Google Maps

And that is not all, as some callers are so unhappy about something that they will even demand monetary compensation and refunds for what they deem to be losses caused by the game.

“A really upset kid called because he said his mom is taking him to counseling because of his anger issues. He was throwing controllers, cussing people out in the game. I think he got banned. 

He wanted us to make up for the fact he had to go to a counsellor. I tried to genuinely make him understand we weren’t affiliated, but he either didn’t care or was convinced we were the support team, we were brushing him off and we didn’t want to help him.”

Davies also told of a story where a kid had spent money on skins and hadn’t recieved them in game, and called on numerous occasions to complain.

“He kept calling on his mom’s cell phone. His mom eventually picked up the phone and told us to stop calling and harassing her son.”

Fortnite players should be made aware, it is not possible to contact the actual Epic Games over the phone, only email correspondence can be made.


Fortnite World Cup winner Aqua banned from FNCS by Epic Games

Published: 25/Oct/2020 14:44

by Theo Salaun


Fortnite World Cup champion David ‘aqua’ Wang has been banned by Epic Games, following controversy over alleged stream sniping against FNCS opponents.

Aqua’s trio (with Rezon and Noahreyli) have been participating in FNCS Europe and, following the Week 3 semis, were accused of stream-sniping another popular trio: Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish, Martin ‘MrSavage’ Andersen, and Kevin ‘LeTsHe’ Fedjuschkin.

Although fans initially deemed aqua’s behavior suspicious, things quickly escalated. With Benjyfishy’s team unable to qualify for the Week 3 finals and the discovery that aqua was watching MrSavage’s stream during the competition, the controversy has spiraled.

mrsavage viewers aqua stream sniping
Twitch, @MrSavage
A screenshot of MrSavage’s Twitch stream showing that aqua was watching during the event.

Aqua banned by Epic Games

On October 25, aqua confirmed that his account had been banned from competitive, with Epic Games simply providing the reason as “other.”

Following condemnations of the World Cup winner’s team, rumors began circulating that aqua, Rezon, and Noahreyli had been banned by participating past the first match of the Finals. 

It was never officially legitimized and has since been made even more unclear by responses from some of the involved parties.

After the rumor mill buzzed with the reports that aqua’s team was banned from competing, he took to Twitter and gave a concise clarification denying those allegations: “We are not banned, we just don’t wanna play. It’s boring without early fighting Benjy.”

Given the difficulty inherent to confirming someone was in fact stream-sniping and didn’t coincidentally run into a fellow streamer, many believe it is unlikely that the World Cup winner has actually been exiled from the competition.

Additionally, some have noted that bans typically result in removal from the leaderboard, something that aqua’s team has not been hit with.

As for how the players are handling it, aqua and Benjyfishy simply joked about the incident.


At 17 years old, aqua represented his home country of Austria to the fullest by winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup’s Duos event with Norway’s Emil ‘Nyhrox’ Bergquist. With a smooth $1.5 million earned from the World Cup, he’s since signed with Cooler Esport and continued to win competitions across Europe.

We will continue to update this article with more details as they become available.