Stranger Helps a Fortnite Player Get the John Wick Skin at the Last Second as He Was Recovering From a Concussion

Recent months have seen Fortnite: Battle Royale have explosive success as it has become one of the most popular video games in recent memory.

It has seemingly brought together the online gaming community in a way that very few games have in the past.

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One major reason that many feel has helped Fortnite accomplish this is that there is a noticeable lack of toxicity and bad vibes in the game’s community as opposed to the player-bases of other online video games.

While every competitive gaming community is going to have its share of negativity, it appears that the Fortnite player-base is largely positive and supportive.

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This was made very evident when one Alec ‘alecm_5’ Malcolm tweeted out on April 30th that he was banned from playing Fortnite as he was recovering from a concussion and thus would not be able to unlock the John Wick ‘Reaper’ skin before Season 3 ended early on May 1st.

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Upon seeing this, another Fortnite player TJ ‘tj_kenny’ Kenny responded and offered to help in any way he can.


The two then had a private conversation in the Twitter Direct Messages, where Alec gave TJ his account information. TJ then went ahead and did the remaining few challenges to get Alex the John Wick skin that he so desired.

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