Snow is coming to Fortnite for the winter season, according to new leaks

. 4 years ago

New leaks have surfaced online that point to snow coming to the map of Fortnite Battle Royale for the winter season.

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Fortnite news and leaks outlet FNBRLeaks have posted screenshots of several game files containing direct evidence that there will be interactive snowy terrain at least in a certain part of the map.

There are sound files for the sound of footsteps on snow for a variety of different types of movement, including walking, sprinting, crouch walking, crouch sprinting, landing hard, and more. 

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The two screenshots can be viewed below, the first showing the Character Footstep sounds and the second image containing other snow sound files that have been highlighted.

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Furthermore, the data miners have managed to export sounds files from the game files above, and the audio included below is undoubtedly of the noise that footsteps make when stepping on snow. 

For those that may be wondering, these sound files have been double checked and confirmed to not be the same footsteps heard at Viking Village, which contains some snow. 

The leaks add more fuel to the already heavy fires of speculation that Epic Games have something big planned for the upcoming winter season in Fortnite, which many have predicted will include snowy terrain.

The storm cloud that has appeared on the horizon in-game has also further reinforced these theories, especially if the cloud starts moving closer towards the mainland in the coming days and weeks.

While everyone waits to see what Epic have in store, we’ve come up with five items we would love to see added to the game, which we think will make the winter season that much more interesting. 

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