Small YouTuber makes over $25K as fans use wrong FaZe Sway creator code

Fortnite YouTuber, ‘Sway’, has earned over $26,000 from Epic Games’ creator code program, as fans trying to support FaZe Clan’s Sway appear to have continually used an incorrect code. 

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Epic’s ‘Support-a-Creator’ scheme allows content creators to earn money when their fanbase use their unique ‘creator code’ in the Epic Games store. 

When players choose to support a specific creator by entering their tag or code in the store, Epic Games give an equivalent of $5 USD for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent in-game to the player’s elected creator.

Epic GamesAnyone can apply for a creator code, providing they meet the eligibility requirements.
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The process of obtaining a code is relatively straightforward, meaning that anyone with an Epic Games account and an associated channel that produces content and meets the criteria can qualify.

However, given the lack of a ‘verification process’, fans often confuse creator codes and use incorrect tags which leaves others benefiting while the intended creator is left without a dime. 

Such is the case for Fortnite Youtuber, Sway. Having amassed just shy of 3,600 subscribers (at the time of writing), the content creator acquired the creator code “Sway” before FaZe Clan’s Sway rise to fame — who currently uses code “YoSway”.

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The Fortnite Guy (YouTube)The Fortnite YouTuber has earned more than $26,000 USD from his creator code.
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Sway’s earnings from the creator code were revealed in a YouTube video from The Fortnite Guy, with a sharp increase when the other Sway joined FaZe.

Since securing the “Sway” tag, the YouTuber has reaped the rewards, having reportedly earned over $26,000 USD to-date.

It’s worth noting that there has been no foul play here, in regards to the use of this tag; the YouTuber simply managed to stumble upon the creator code before FaZe Sway, which (by a stroke of luck) has yielded a sizable financial gain.

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However, there are more kinks to the story than initially meets the eye. A fellow Fortnite content creator who goes by the alias ‘OrangeGuy’, attempted to obtain an Epic Games creator code, but to no avail. 

Enter Sway (not to be confused with FaZe Sway). At the time, the pair were friends, so naturally, the YouTuber offered to help OrangeGuy by reportedly requesting a code on his behalf. Successful in his attempt, Sway allegedly profited from OrangeGuy’s code without sharing any of the gains.

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Keen to defend his standpoint, Sway appeared in a video posted by The Fortnite Guy, where he is quizzed on how the events unfolded. 

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Of course, the story is subject to interpretation and with both creators arguments unable to be verified at this time.