Is skill-based matchmaking coming to Fortnite?

by Marcus Banks


Epic Games could be set to introduce a skill-based matchmaking system to Fortnite in Season 8.

Many players have noticed a considerable increase in player skill following the release of the new season leading to suggestions that Fortnite may have secretly implemented a system to match players based on their skill level.

Back in January, Counter Logic Gaming’s ‘Wish’ posted on Twitter that skill-based matchmaking had been added to the game with every solo game ‘ending like a scrim’.

Despite the claims, there has been no announcement from Epic Games and nothing in the patch notes to suggest that matchmaking has been altered – popular Twitch streamer Ninja feels
that players are simply improving hence the increase in competition.

Ninja feels that skill-based matchmaking hasn't been added to Fortnite despite various claims from streamers

Nevertheless, Epic could be set to implement the feature in the future with users receiving surveys to gauge their opinion on the matter.

Epic asked whether they feel the matches should separate new and experienced players when joining games in Fortnite:

Reddit u/bflet48 received a survey questioning whether skill-based matchmaking should be added to Fortnite

If the response is positive from the player base, a skill-based matchmaking system may be added before the end of the current season.

Skill-based matchmaking is a feature that seems to divide players. Indeed, it’s extremely difficult for new players to gain a foothold in a game which is dominated by users who has mastered the art of building.

However, matching players based on skill could cause massive queue times which is an issue that has plagued pop-up cups since they were introduced back in November 2018.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Skill-based matchmaking is a system that needs to be treated with caution

There could also be an issue with ‘smurfing’ if Fortnite did decide to implement the system – high skilled players could simply make new accounts in order to be matched with users well below their level.

Adding a separate ranked mode for those who want to compete in the game at the highest level seems like an ideal solution, however, Epic have so far been unwilling to adhere to the demands of many pro players.