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New Shield Bubble item coming to Fortnite in v10.20 update

Published: 26/Aug/2019 17:33 Updated: 26/Aug/2019 18:49

by Andy Williams


Following a recent update that brought a nerf to the B.R.U.T.E mechs, Epic Games have updated the Fortnite MOTD to announce a brand new item — the Shield Bubble. 

Fortnite Season X has received three updates thus far, one patch update and two content updates that saw the addition of the Automatic Sniper Rifle and the Junk Rift, respectively.

In Epic Games’ most recent message of the day (MOTD), they have hinted at the latest addition to be added to the popular battle royale. 

Lucas7yoshiFortnite Shield Bubble is the August 26 Message of the Day.

Titled the ‘Shield Bubble’, the item is followed by the caption: “This is one bubble that’s not easy to burst. Shield yourself from projectiles with this protective dome.” Given the latest addition of the B.R.U.T.E., any in-game items added are likely geared towards balancing the current in-game meta. 


Perhaps the most controversial addition to Fortnite to-date, the addition of the overpowered mechs have been subject to plenty of criticism, with community backlash (including the #RemoveTheMech hashtag that trended worldwide) forcing Epic Games’ hand, leading to a nerf of the giant robots. 

Based off of the description given, it’d be logical to compare the Shield Bubble to Gibraltar’s Dome Shield from Fortnite’s battle royale rival, Apex Legends

The deployable Dome Shield gives players the ability to temporarily surround themselves in a dome-shaped bubble that deflects incoming projectiles from themselves and teammates; giving them short-term relief from the opposition.


Should the Shield Bubble work in a similar capacity to the Dome Shield, this would tilt the meta back towards being more balanced, specifically in the end-game, where the mechs currently run riot. 

Apex Moments (YouTube)Gibraltar’s shield deflects enemy bullets and grenades.

The details of the next patch update (v10.20) are yet to be released, although it is likely that the next update will include several bug fixes alongside the addition of this in-game item.