Savage Fortnite diss rap takes aim at your favorite streamers, including Tfue, Dr DisRespect, and more

by Virginia Glaze


A diss track created by YouTuber and streamer John the Rapper roasted the internet’s favorite Fortnite streamers, including the likes of NickMercs, Dr DisRespect, Myth, and more.


A video for the track features a logo not unlike Eminem’s design for Killshot, a song calling out rapper Machine Gun Kelly for their current feud.

However, in the place of MGK’s face are images of the streamers in question, and there are quite a few of them - thirty in total, in fact!

“The (DisRespect) is an act, not a doctor’s opinion/ It’s no (Myth) I’m into (Poki)/ Which (Witch) doctor for the pinnin’?”


John’s style of rapping is likewise reminiscent of Eminem’s signature tempo and wordplay, and even references Em’s newest album, Kamikaze. He also took shots at one of Fortnite’s biggest streamers, Tfue, referencing the player’s recent bans from Twitch.

“(Tfue) would get it too, but Twitch wrote me a letter/ It said something about nothing, so I was like whatever.”


While the four-minute long diss track takes a savage blow at a multitude of streamers, it was ultimately created ‘out of respect’ for the personalities in question, as revealed by the video’s description.

“This was created out of the respect I have for the streamers mentioned, as well as Epic Games and the Fortnite community,” John wrote.

The video was even shouted out by TSM’s Hamlin on stream, who took the roast in good spirits and sent a flood of viewers to John’s channel. John’s savagery knows no bounds, and he is currently awaiting responses for a Part 2.