Sand is Falling Through the Sky Crack in Fortnite

by Vincent Genova


The giant sky crack in Fortnite has remained unchanged since it first appeared, but now it appears sand is falling out of it.

A rocket blasted through the sky and created the crack above the Fortnite map towards the end of Season 4, with people expecting it to play a significant role in the plans for Season 5.


Season 5 arrived with map changes, but the crack was still ominously in the sky above.

Reddit user killrmeemstr spotted a new development on July 13, sand was now pouring out of the crack.

Sand is seeping through the cracks... from r/FortNiteBR

Sand can mean any number of things to Fortnite, there are new beach ball emotes and lifeguard skins suggesting the sky sand could be beach related.


However, Season 5 is titled the “Worlds Collide” update and so far Vikings are the only new world of note occupying the Fortnite map.

A popular theory at the end of Season 4 involved Egyptian Pyramids, and the sand could be hinting at an ancient Egypt section colliding with the Vikings.


An old west themed wagon and a wooden anchor - which may have been hinting at the Vikings - were spotted at the end of Season 4.

The sand could be a part of the old west, or something new entirely. Stay tuned to Dexerto for any developments.

Image Credit: killrmeemstr