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Samsung Galaxy Scout Fortnite Skin leaked: Release date & how to claim

Published: 19/Jul/2020 12:08

by Joe Craven


Samsung leaks have revealed another exclusive skin coming to Fortnite, this time known as the ‘Galaxy Scout’ skin. Take a first look at it here, as well as information on how you can redeem it when it drops in-game. 

Fortnite fans have grown accustomed to ambitious partnerships that lead to awesome in-game skins and events. From Star Wars to Marvel, Epic Games have re-written the book on in-game events and crossovers.

One crossover fans may have forgotten about is the partnership with tech giants Samsung, which led to the Galaxy Skin being added back in Chapter One. Now, though, it seems that another Samsung themed skin is coming to Fortnite.


Galaxy Skin in Fortnite Chapter OneThe original Samsung Galaxy skin in Fortnite.

Samsung Galaxy Scout Skin leaked for Fortnite

On July 17, data-miner iFireMonkey, known for regular and accurate Fortnite leaks, shared a leak from the Samsung Health app.

“Due to a mishap on the Samsung Health application,” they said, “twitter use @fu noticed that the Fortnite Galaxy Scout promotion was already on the app earlier than expected. Due to this, we now have a nice image that shows us what this skin will look like”.

It retains the same stratospheric themes as the original Galaxy skin, but appears to be a female twist on the skin.

How to get Samsung Galaxy Scout Skin in Fortnite

The first Galaxy skin was only attainable through the purchase of a Samsung mobile phone, and this one will only be unlockable for players participating in the upcoming Fortnite Galaxy Cup.


Registrations for the Galaxy Cup will open on Monday July 20 but, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The event is expected to be mobile-only, and players have to own the original Galaxy skin. Hence, you have to have bought a Samsung Galaxy mobile in order to be eligible for this new skin.

However, the tournament requirements are yet to be clarified, so some players may receive surprise invitations. Keep your eyes peeled, gamers.