Samsung and Epic Games announce complications with Fortnite's iKONIK skin

by Alan Bernal


Technology giant Samsung announced on March 8 that the next exclusive skin coming to Fortnite would be delayed until a later date.


Epic Games and Samsung were planning to release the iKONIK character skin on March 8 along, with the Scenario emote exclusively for those who purchased the Samsung S10 flagship phone.

Now, it looks like those who bought into the Samsung promotion will have to wait a bit longer to claim their Fortnite prizes.


The phone manufactures released a statement explaining the cause for the delay - which didn’t offer much insight into the setback.

“In order for Galaxy S10 users to have the best experience redeeming the iKONIK outfit and Scenario emote, both Samsung and Epic Games are taking extra time to further review this process before making the promotion widely available,” the company said.


The delay comes on the heels of speculation that the iKONIK outfit and accompanying emote will be made widely available for Samsung flagship owners, instead of being exclusive to those that purchased the new S10.

Though the Fortnite content is still coming to S10 owners, the delay has been met with early backlash from those who followed the the proper procedure for getting the skin.


“Very disappointing,” one customer said of the debacle. “I pre-ordered the S10, got it early, made multiple phone calls in order to get the skin, and now its delayed. Plus people who didn't even buy the S10 got the skin... Have been up waiting to try and get it as soon as possible for content creation... very upsetting.”

Though the skin has already attracted a lot of fanfare, Fortnite players who bought into the S10 will have to wait for a further update from the company.