Reddit User’s Incredible Recreation of Mario Kart in Fortnite’s New Playground LTM

It may be hard to argue against the claim that the new Playground Limited Time Mode in Fortnite may be the most fun mode that’s been added to the game yet.

Offering a carefree and low-pressure environment, the new mode has instantly become a player favorite, with many using it to create immense structures and/or complete incredible stunts.

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One such is player is Reddit user ‘JoshB_C,’ who has recreated in Fortnite’s Playground mode one of the most popular video games series of all time – Mario Kart.

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A timeless classic, Mario Kart is a series of go-kart style racing games developed and published by Nintendo in which players race against each other on iconic tracks while playing as various characters from the Mario universe.

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Using the virtually unlimited resources available in the Playground LTM, the player built a race track called ‘Tilted Track’ that wormed its way through and around the various buildings in Tilted Towers.

The track is very similar to the ones that would normally be found in a Mario Kart game, except instead of cars, they used Shopping Carts, and instead of Mario characters, they used classic Fortnite skins.

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The result was rather spectacular, as the camera movements used in the in-game Replay system, the music soundtrack, and the lettering of the track’s title and race position all perfectly resembled the classic theme of Mario Kart.

With the game jokingly having a reputation to create animosity among friends, the new Mario Kart recreation in Fortnite could see the end to some friendships.

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