Reddit User Proposes “No Storm LTM” Concept in Fortnite That Would Reward Those Who Play Aggressive

A concept has been proposed on Reddit for a new Limited Time Mode in Fortnite that would remove the Storm from the map.

Appropriately called ‘No Storm LTM,’ the mode would instead feature a gradually expanding radar that would reveal the locations of enemy players.

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Here are the details for the No Storm concept mode, as created by Reddit user ‘NervousTumbleweed.’

– Storm circle never forms.– Instead, each player has a gradually expanding “Radar” revealing the location of enemy.– Aggressive play rewarded in late game as you cannot hide.– Keeps entire map in play, take full advantage of ATKs + Rifts– Game Length ~ 25 mins Can end in a tie.

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The Storm is of course a vital aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale as it ensures that surviving players are brought closer and closer together as the game progresses further and further.

However, man end-game situations often involve players stationed in their own individual forts as they wait for enemies to push out, creating a standoff that can drag on and become frustrating.

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This No Storm concept would virtually eliminate those types of scenarios as players will not be able to hide and will be forced to engage.

The comments section of the Reddit post is full of discussion and ideas presented by players on how the concept could be further improved to avoid ties and other complications.