Reddit User Makes Charts Showing Fall Damages Taken From Jumping and Walking Off Different Heights in Fortnite

Fall damage can be one of the most annoying things in Fortnite: Battle Royale, usually because it’s often avoidable and can mess things up in a hurry.

Sometimes it can even seem inconsistent; players often complain that they sustain varying amounts of damage from falling from the same exact height.

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Reddit user ‘RealSkylitPanda’ has done some research on the matter, and has come up with in-game charts that demonstrate how much damage is inflicted when falling.

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His efforts have yielded two charts, one for jumping off certain heights, and one for simply walking off, with the measurements being in units of wall height.

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Here are the different amounts of fall damage a player will take when walking off these heights:

  • 3 walls: none
  • 3.3 walls: none
  • 3.5 walls: 11 
  • 4 walls: 19
  • 4.3 walls: 26
  • 4.5 walls: 34
  • 5 walls: 49
  • 5.3 walls: 63
  • 5.5 walls: 74
  • 6 walls: 99
  • 6+ walls: Death

RealSkylitPandaFall damage taken when walking off of these heights.
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Here are the different amounts of fall damage a player will take when jumping off these heights:

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  • 3 walls: 12
  • 3.3 walls: 17
  • 3.5 walls: 21
  • 4 walls: 36
  • 4.3 walls: 44
  • 4.5 walls: 52
  • 5 walls: 77
  • 5.3 walls: 91
  • 5.5+ walls: Death

RealSkylitPandaFall damage taken when jumping off of these heights.
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Obviously these statistics have not been verified or confirmed by any other sources, so players will have to take RealSkylitPanda’s word for it. 

However, assuming that these charts are right, this information would be well worth keeping in mind when considering jumping or walking off heights in Fortnite.