Reddit User Creates Concept for How to Make Loot Lake a More Appealing Place to Land in Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


Despite the various unique locations on the Fortnite: Battle Royale map, most players tend to choose to land at only a few of them.

Players will often look to land in either large or more central points-of-interest such as Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms, avoiding the smaller fringe locations such as Junk Junction and Flush Factory.


However, despite being a large and central location on the map, Loot Lake is often considered to be on the less desirable places to land.

Many attribute this to the fact that aside from the factories on its shore and the house in the middle, there are not many places to find loot, and getting from one end of the lake to the other can often be a lengthy and costly task.


A Reddit user by the name of 'zane415' has offered up a suggestion on how to make Loot Lake a more appealing landing spot.

The user's solution would be for Epic Games to add a few hotels and lake houses in and around the location, to make it both an alluring and efficient place to land.

SUGGESTION: Add a few hotels and lake houses to loot lake to make it a more appealing landing spot... from r/FortNiteBR


Zane415 even took the time to demonstrate the potential of the suggestion by building several structures around Loot Lake in the Playground Limited Time Mode.

Judging by his concept image, adding such structures would very likely attract many players to land at the POI, especially since it is so central on the Fortnite map.