Reddit User Creates an Awesome Chug Jug 'Rework' Concept in Fortnite

by DG Goldstein


The Chug Jug in Fortnite: Battle Royale has become a fan-favorite item after it was added by Epic Games.

As a Legendary item that allows players to gain full health and shield after use, the Chug Jug can be one of the best consumables for a player to find on the battlefield.


However, a player must use 15 seconds in order to reap the benefits of the Chug Jug, which can be hard to find in high-pressure situations where the game is on the line.

Reddit user TheKingNekro devised an idea where instead of needing to wait for the entire duration, a player could use the Chug Jug over time and gain the respective amount of health and shield for the time used.


The full Reddit post can be viewed below.

Chug Jug re-work idea from r/FortNiteBR


Although Epic Games has used community concepts in the past, it is unknown if the Chug Jug is slated for any adjustments in the future.