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Rainbow Racer Fortnite skin slammed over “ridiculous” way to unlock it

Published: 26/Oct/2021 1:14

by Alan Bernal


The requirements to unlock the Rainbow Racer Fortnite skin is getting slammed by players for having to refer a friend and ultimately hoping they play long enough to get the cosmetic.

Epic Games launched a beta for their Refer-a-Friend program that came with a slew of in-game items to unlock. From the new Gridlock Loading Screen to Drift Shaft pickaxe, there’s a whole set to get via the program. But to get the ultimate prize there’s a caveat that takes players aren’t happy with seeing as it takes them out of the equation entirely.

The Fortnite community has already devised a way to sidestep the requirement for how “ridiculous” the challenge is.


Fortnite players roast Rainbow Racer challenge

The last challenge to unlock the Rainbow Racer Fortnite skin requires both players and their ‘referee’ to reach level 60. One person said: “Gaining 60 levels on 2 accounts? I get wanting to get people to play but that’s kinda ridiculous.”

“Every time Epic seems to try and make a website event, involving bringing back friends, it always seems to fall flat,” another person said. “This is just another example of how NOT to do Friend challenges.”

Fortnite players are planning to simply create alt accounts to use in place of a referred friend and level the two accounts themselves. Meanwhile, people are planning to use the Creative mode to go AFK every day while gaining XP over time.


I guess I’ll pass on this skin… from FortNiteBR

How to unlock Rainbow Racer Fortnite skin

Fortnite players will have to register for Epic’s Refer-a-Friend then complete all five challenges. The final challenge will unlock the Rainbow Racer Fortnite skin. You’ll need to play with the person you referred for both accounts to earn points toward the start unlocking rewards.

While the challenges are relatively simple, you’ll have until January 10 to complete all of the tasks.

Rainbow Racer Fortnite loading screen
Epic Games
The “Gridlock” in-game cosmetic Loading Screen that Fortnite players can also unlock.

Fortnite Refer-a-Friend

Epic’s new program is encouraging people to bring a friend to Fortnite while scoring exclusive items in the process.

Fortnite players can register up to five eligible people to the Refer-a-Friend program. Referrers will have from October 25 at 4 AM ET / 1 AM PT until November 14, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET / 8:59 PM PT to sign-up their referees.


To be eligible as a referee, the account has to have less than 120 minutes logged in the main Fortnite Battle Royale game mode in the past 30 days.

Rainbow Racer Fortnite loading screen

It’s a new approach to encourage engagement in the battle royale and Epic is throwing in the Rainbow Racer Fortnite skin as an incentive.