Pro Fortnite players aren’t enjoying Epic’s decision to force peripherals and settings at TwitchCon’s Skirmish event

Ever since Epic Games announced the full rules for TwitchCon’s Fall Skirmish finale, pro players have taken to Twitter blasting the decision.

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Much like Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish finale at PAX West, all participants at TwitchCon’s Fall Skirmish event have to play on the max graphics settings and with a specific set of peripherals.

Pro players weren’t happy about the rule for PAX West and things aren’t any different this time around for TwitchCon.

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The conversation got started when esports consultant Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau tweeted a picture of the rules, stating “This is not competitive. It’s amateur dressed up as esports.”

Since then, the outrage hasn’t stopped with players at all levels speaking out against the decision.

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Team Liquid’s Jake ‘POACH’ Brumleve expressed his worry about even being able to stream with the high settings, saying that he could start using the specific keyboard and mouse that’s allowed but would be “torturing [himself] with shadows yet.”

POACH’s statement was one of the most enlightening as it demonstrated that many players like himself might not even be able to practice on the higher settings due to limitations of their home setups.

He wasn’t the only one to express his reservations about practicing with the higher video settings, as many other players shared similar stories of their own.

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Even players who do have the necessary equipment required to run the game at the highest of settings don’t do so since it makes it harder to see enemy players, something that Cloud9’s Jacob ‘Hysteria’ Reiser outlined in a Tweet of his own.

Despite the widespread backlash from the pro community, Epic Games has yet to comment on the issue, sticking to their guns on the TwitchCon ruleset.

With the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers slated to start sometime in 2019, players will no doubt have their eyes peeled when it comes to the ruleset for the major event.