Popular Streamers and Personalities React to Myth and Hamlinz Winning KEEMSTAR’s ‘Fortnite Friday #4’ Tournament


KEEMSTAR has hosted his Friday Fortnite Tournament for a fourth consecutive week with a new set of winners crowned on June 1st.

The latest winners of the event were Team SoloMid’s pro Fortnite players Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani and Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin.

KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament is a weekly event where the popular streamers and top Fortnite gamers compete in a double elimination tournament.

The weekly event pairs up two streamers to compete against a second team, where the winner is determined by the team that comes away with the most kills after two games.

Each Friday Fortnite Tournament has provided viewers with a new champion, and the June 1st event was no different.

Myth and Hamlinz are regarded as two of the games top players and have had massive success streaming on Twitch since Fortnite exploded onto the gaming scene.

The duo lost their first-round tournament matchup setting the stage for an epic losers bracket run that would end in $20,000 win.

Myth and Hamlinz bested Fortnite Friday week 2 winners Typical Gamer and Thiefs in the grand finals to close out the tournament. 

Community members took to Twitter to share their reactions as the TSM duo made their Friday Fortnite Tournament run. 



Typical Gamer

OpTic CouRage



Myth and Hamlinz will look to defend their title in the next Friday Fortnite event.

Fans can tune in on June 8th to see if the TSM duo can repeat or if a new winner will be crowned.

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