Popular Streamer Ninja Comments On Self Improvement During Streams

Former professional Halo player turned battle royale streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins committed to not swearing on stream after his massive growth on Twitch and has since commented on how much others swear in comparison. 

His Fortnite streams are watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers and in an effort to maintain a positive impact on younger audience member the former pro has dedicated himself to keeping content PG as often as possible.

Those who are unfamiliar with the update in his stream content and prefer to watch something a little more explicit can take comfort in the fact that he also hosts ‘Ninja After Dark’ streams that feature mature content.

Longtime viewers of his content remember the days when he used to erupt in explicit rage, but the streamer believes the change has had a positive impact.

While watching other streamers during KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament he commented about how he has developed an on the air filter.

“I’m really really really getting good at having that filter where, like, when I’m off stream. Like I just went up stairs and like swore to Jess about some stuff, got like heated. Not about her, obviously. You know, and I can come back down stairs and not say, you know, anything. And that took me a long time, to be able to do that.”

The decision to limit swearing in his streams has had an impact on the people he plays games with, for good or for bad.

Other streamers like Myth have commented on how they are aware of using swearing to fill dead air and the impact those words can have on younger viewers.

With Ninja’s influence in the gaming community, it is possible that others could follow suit and reduce their use of explicit language.

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