Popular Fortnite streamers and pro players react to Infinity Blade getting vaulted - ft. Ninja, CouRage, NICKMERCS, and more

by Albert Petrosyan


December 14 will always be remembered as a day of great Victory Royale for the Fortnite community as developers Epic Games finally caved in and vaulted the much maligned Infinity Blade item.


Added on December 11, the Infinity Blade was immediately perceived by many players as a very overpowered item that did not belong in the game's default and core modes.

After days of seemingly endless complaints, particularly from the big-name influencers, Epic announced that they would be rolling out nerfs for the item in the next game update, which would have been sometime next week.


However, upon reading the details of the announcement, the player-base remained unsatisfied, especially since Epic made it clear that they were going to stick with the Infinity Blade being in the game, and were in fact planning on adding more "Mythical Items."

After a series of further complaints from disgruntled pro players and content creators, the developers finally gave in and vaulted the item, admitting that it was way too overpowered and that they "messed up."


Upon seeing this, as one would expect, almost the entirety of the vast Fortnite player-base rejoiced, with many of those popular influencers going on Twitter to express their joy and relief that Epic had finally come to their senses.

That being said, here are some of the best Twitter reactions from the biggest streamers and pros, including the likes of Ninja, CouRage, DrLupo, FaZe's Cloak, Ali-A, NICKMERCS, TSM's Daequan, and others.