Playground LTM Has Gone Live on Some Fortnite Servers, Worldwide Roll Out Appears to be Coming Soon [UPDATED]

Epic Games

UPDATE (7:23 PM PT)Epic Games has confirmed that the Playground LTM is now available to play across all servers – Details.

(6:20 PM PT)According to player reports, it appears that the Playground LTM is now available on all servers. We still await any official word of confirmation from Epic Games regarding this development.

It appears that the new Playground Limited Time Mode is on its way to being enabled again in Fortnite.

Numerous players have reported that the new mode has begun reappearing as an queue option in the game’s matchmaking menu on those connected to Asian, Oceanic and Brazilian servers.

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Popular Fortnite news outlet ‘FNBRLeaks’ tweeted pictures showing the Playgrounds LTM being available to be played on the Asian servers.

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According to posts on social media, some players are able to get into the new LTM by simply switching their servers to one of the regions listed above, although it has not proven successful for everyone.

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This comes several hours after Epic Games had provided their most recent update regarding the mode’s lengthy downtime, in which they said that they were making progress and that more information would be provided soon after.

Although there has not been any official comment about this new development from Epic, it appears that the mode could be on its way to fully being reinstated across all servers very soon.

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Launched alongside the v4.5 update early on June 27th, the Playground LTM offers players the chance to play alongside their friends and do whatevery they like in a private, low-pressure environment with the full Fortnite map at their disposal.

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However it was disabled hours after its brief release and has since been delayed due to a continuous string of unforeseen issues and maintenance requirements.

For full details on the new mode, you can read its description as provided by Epic Games in the v4.5 patch notes here.