OpTic’s Hitch Announces Bracket for ‘Summertime Showdown’ 2v2 Co-Ed Fortnite Tournament With Major Names – TSM Myth, OpTic MiDNiTE, and Many More

Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards of OpTic Gaming has announced the bracket and lineup for the third ‘Summertime Showdown’ Fortnite: Battle Royale Co-Ed tournament, which will feature a collection of top personalities.

Following the announcement in mid-May that Epic Games will be providing $100 million in prize money for future official Fortnite: Battle Royale tournaments and competitions, everyone has been attempting to get in on the action.

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However, the game does not feature dedicated private lobbies where players or organizers can customize various settings or play against one another, which has caused an issue with setting up tournaments thus far.

Even with this issue, players from around the world have still been competing in makeshift Fortnite tournaments for various prizes with a solid turnout from fans and viewers, showing the esport potential in the future when problems are resolved.

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In the third installation of his ‘Summertime Showdown’ Fortnite tournament series, Hitch will be hosting a ‘Co-Ed’ 2v2 event on Thursday, June 7th which will include major names in the community including TSM Myth, CDNThe3rd, OpTic Karma, and many, many more.

The tournament will feature one male and one female per team, with the full bracket of competitors able to be viewed below from Hitch’s Twitter account.

Summertime Showdown #3 Bracket – OpTic Hitch[ad name=”article3″]

Summertime Showdown #3 will take place on Thursday, June 7th at 5 PM CST (6:00 PM EST, 3 PM PST, 11 PM BST).

As of writing, the prize pool for the tournament is still unknown.