OpTic’s CouRage Has a Theory on Why Epic Games is Bringing Back the Rare ‘Red Knight’ Skin in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

The Fortnite community was sent into a frenzy on July 4th when Epic Games announced that it plans on bringing back the rare ‘Red Knight’ skin to the Item Shop.

The skin has become a rare collectible of sorts since it has only appeared in the Item Shop a handful of times, the last time being on February 20th.

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OpTic Gaming content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who live-streams Fortnite on a daily basis, tweeted out his theory on why Epic decided to bring back the rare skin.

According to him, it’s to give new players opportunities to own skins as well as to limit illegal account selling and scams.

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Both parts of CouRage’s theory make sense; these “rare” cosmetic items were not earned by players but rather purchased and therefore the number of times they have featured in the Item Shop should not determine their rarity and thus limit newer players from owning them.

This especially applies to the Red Knight, which Epic have confirmed was not a Season 2 exclusive and would end up returning to the game at some point.

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As for account selling and scams, this move by Epic would certainly help in their efforts to stop illegal activity being conducted on secondary markets. 

Players have been known to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase accounts that have rare items, such as the Red Knight, and in many cases have been scammed.

It remains to be seen whether Epic will continue to employ this type of strategy, especially when it comes to earlier skins like the Ghoul Trooper, which is widely considered to be the rarest in the game.