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“OG” Fortnite is back? Fans delight over chaos in viral Season 7 clip

Published: 4/Jul/2021 21:08

by Nick Farrell


Fortnite fans have created quite possibly one of the best clips we’ve seen in Season 7, and it pays homage to the chaos that Fortnite produced back in its glory days. 

Fortnite Season 7 has been one of the best since Chapter 2 premiered in 2019, players worldwide are checking out all the new content the aliens have added into the game. From the battle pass to the alien artifacts, there’s  plenty of fun to be had this season.

Speaking of fun, while we’ve been missing the wacky clips that Fortnite used to produce on a daily basis, a new Reddit post has hit home to some fans and has reminded us that Fortnite is still one of the best games to produce memorable clips.


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Epic Games
Fortnite Season 7 has brought back a lot of aspects that made the game fun for a lot of players.

Fortnite clip goes viral

From time to time we see some pretty crazy scenarios happen in games, but this Fortnite clip may take the prize for the funniest video we’ve seen from Season 7 since it released back on June 17.

In this chaotic video shared on Reddit, we essentially have someone walking while t-posing somehow. Then, there’s a UFO spinning on it’s axis, and as they say in the clip it’s actually identical to how a Beyblade works.

Wrapping this all up, we have the four players giving some comedic relief, as the post is pretty wild from all perspectives.

Funny right? There’s a lot to take in with this clip, and it’s a joy to see Fortnite players once again finding some fun within the game, cause at time’s it can be frustrating.


But, gaming is meant to be fun, and a bit of craziness every now and then does lighten the mood, and Season 7 has been a pleasure to play and it seems the overall reaction is that Epic has nailed it once again.