Nolanlul wins Fortnite NA Winter Royale – Final standings and recap

The NA Winter Royale Grand Finals have now come to an end and ‘Nolanlul’ has managed to pick up the win to take home $75,000.

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With 200 of the best players in North American qualified for the Winter Royale Finals, nothing was going to come easy for any of these players.

While much of the first day of the competition was dominated by the prevalence of the X-4 Stormwing planes and Infinity Blade sword, things proceeded a bit more normally during the Grand Finals.

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Throughout the majority of these six matches played in the Grand Finals, only one player won using the Infinity Blade, with traditional late-game build fights being the ultimate decider in most cases.

The sword was present throughout each game, with players securing a steady stream of kills when using it, but the ultimate winner of the tournament got the victory the old fashioned way.

Despite not even being in the top 30 going into the final two matches, Nolanlul pulled things together in those matches to claim the unlikely victory. 

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In the final game alone, he strung together a three-elimination victory royale that netted him four points to narrowly edge out Team Liquid’s ‘72hrs’ for the ultimate $75,000 victory.

Nolanlul ended the Grand finals with a total of 11 eliminations and that final, crucial victory.

When it came to the $20,000 bonus prize for Most Eliminations in a single match, Kevin ‘Nistic.TV’ Colvin and YungChung tied with nine kills and split the prize between them. 

You can take a look at the final standings and the prize breakdown below.

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