NoahJ456 Has an Idea on How Fortnite Can Keep Older Skins Rare But Still Allow New Players to Purchase

The past 24 hours have seen widespread discussion throughout the vast community of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

On July 4th, Epic Games announced that it was bringing back that rare ‘Red Knight’ skin to the Item Shop on July 5th, drawing a variety of reactions and responses from players.

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Since its release in December, the Red Knight has only appeared in the Item Shop a few times, the last time being on February 20th.

This has led to it becoming one of the more rare cosmetic items in the game, as some of the earlier players were able to purchase the skin but most newer ones never got the chance to own it.

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100 Thieves YouTuber ‘NoahJ456,’ whose content focuses around Fortnite, had an idea on how Epic can still allow newer players to purchase some of these skins while keeping the originally sold ones rare.

The trick would be to introduce some a color change that would differentiate the original ones from the newer.

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While this idea makes sense and could work to keep both sides of the debate happy, it may not exactly fulfill Epic’s goal when it comes to re-releasing these skins.

Although they have not explicitly stated this as a reason, but many are of the belief that bringing back rare skins to the Item Shop is a way for Epic to combat illegal account selling and scams, which would still go on if they used NoahJ’s idea.

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