Ninja warns Fortnite will lose players again if it doesn’t “cater” to no-building mode

Ninja in Red Bull jacket with Fortnite building in backgroundRed Bull/Epic Games

Streaming giant Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins believes Fortnite could go back to square one and lose all its interest again if Epic Games doesn’t cater to those players who have returned because of no building. 

Fortnite has been going through a bit of a renaissance of late thanks to the Chapter 3, Season 2 update that Epic Games dropped on March 20, as players have flocked back to the battle royale.

The biggest reason for this is because the Fortnite developers decided to do away with the game’s most iconic feature – building. Now, if you drop into a normal match, you don’t have to worry about someone winning a gunfight because they’re a better architect than you.

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While the mechanic remains in competitive and creative modes, there has been talk about building being gone for good in the normal batter royale mode – and it’s something that Ninja believes the devs have to consider.

Building in FortniteEpic Games
Building was a core element of Fortnite’s gameplay, but many felt it should be removed.

The Twitch star, who has been playing the battle royale pretty exclusively since the update, praised the devs for having the game in a “phenomenal spot” but that could all change rapidly.

“Fortnite is another phenomenal spot where it has the attention of the gamers again man, it has the attention of the non-Fortnite players,” Ninja said in his March 27 stream. “It’s bringing in a lot of new people to the game, old people (are coming) back to the game, and they’re loving it more than ever.

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“That will go away if they don’t continue to cater to the no building. It’s almost like when they added refresh. When they added that and then removed it, everyone hated it but then it was so good, they needed it, so they kept it in Arenas.”

When the mechanic was first removed, Fortnite dataminers and leakers stated that it would return nine days after the update – which would mean it comes back on March 29th.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not Epic decides to press on with bringing building back, or if they do finally introduce a permanent no building mode as players have long clamored for.

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