Ninja pleads with Epic Games after other streamers get early access to new Fortnite pack - Dexerto

Ninja pleads with Epic Games after other streamers get early access to new Fortnite pack

Published: 27/Mar/2019 21:12 Updated: 27/Mar/2019 21:36

by Eli Becht


Epic Games gave out the Lava Legends skin pack to various Fortnite streamers and Ninja was upset ‘TimTheTatman’ and ‘Dakotaz’ got it before him.

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The Lava Legends pack includes a collection of cosmetics that transforms a character into something that looks like it crawled right out of Fortnite’s new volcano.

Similar to many cosmetic bundles like this, Epic Games likes to give a few to various influencers, mainly the top Twitch streamers who can showcase the skins and potentially get their thousands of viewers to pick it up.

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Ninja is usually one of the first streamers that come to mind when you think of Fortnite streamers so you’d figure he’d be one of the first to receive access to the pack.


While he was no doubt scheduled to receive one, he seemed to be a bit shocked, to say the least, that Tim received the pack before he did.

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“If I’m about to watch what I think I’m about to watch,” Ninja said. “Wait, Epic asked Tim if he wanted the Lava Legend pack? He got it!?”

Ninja and Tim are very good friends so the jabs were all in good fun. However, Ninja also had a similar reaction when he found out Dakotaz also received the skin.

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“Epic gave what to Dakotaz,” Ninja asked. “Dude, what do I have to do to be loved?”


It’s surely all joking as Epic Games regularly hooks up Ninja with the newest packs in Fortnite, it just seems like it might take a little bit longer for this one.

Even though Ninja may not have gotten the Lava Legends pack early, he can certainly find solace in the fact that he’s now one of the faces of Red Bull, having just debuted his own special can. 

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These special cans of Red Bull will be on sale in the United States beginning April 1 and will run while supplies last.