Ninja tells CouRage to stick to Apex Legends after embarrassing Fortnite fail

Michael Gwilliam
Ninja mocks courage after fortnite fail
Epic Games/Ninja/Courage

Twitch star Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop was mocked by fellow streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins after a brutal Fortnite fail, suggesting he should stick to Apex Legends. 

Ninja is perhaps the best-known Fortnite player in history, setting a Twitch subscription record during the height of his career.

As such, he’s earned the right to put others on blast for their misplays.

Blevins didn’t miss an opportunity to do just that after CouRage botched a one-on-one gunfight at close range despite having a glorious chance to secure the frag.

CouRage gets roasted by Ninja on Fortnite

Courage loses in fortnite
Courage finished 17th after failing to secure a frag.

After firing some shots in an attempt to expose his opponent, the target CouRage was after managed to get behind him and win out the fight in an encounter the streamer clearly wished he could have back.

“F**k man!” CouRage swore, finishing 17th overall.

“Stick to Apex, dude,” Ninja was quick to mock, referring his friend to Respawn’s rival battle royale. (Segment begins at 10:38)

Not wanting to take the insult lightly, Dunlop retorted, commenting that Ninja was “ass.” Eventually, this resulted in the two exchanging screams over their mics with Ninja crying out about how he didn’t even have a shotgun.

“One vs one me, you p*ssy!” Blevins continued as the screaming match continued.

While the back and forth was certainly in good fun and there was no malicious intent, it’s good to see some smack talk between the two.

Hopefully, Ninja’s ribbing can inspire CouRage to perform a bit better next time and secure those kills in one-on-ones where he has a bit of an edge.