Ninja and SypherPK form star duo for Fortnite FNCS Chapter 2: Season 2

Epic Games / Twitter: Ninja / Twitter: SypherPK

It’s official ⁠— Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan will be joining forces for the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2: Season 2 Duos tournament after Ninja split from previous partner Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner.

Ninja and SypherPK will be partnering up in duos for the first time since 2018, with the Fortnite stars announcing they’re getting together for FNCS on March 16.

The two will be making their return to competitive Fortnite after a short hiatus since Chapter 2: Season 2 kicked off, with both players set on grinding back to the top.

Twitter: Ninja
Ninja has found a new duo in SypherPK for the upcoming FNCS season.

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SypherPK put out a statement attached to a March 16, stating he’s determined to show how far he has come as a player, as well as together as a duo with Ninja.

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“We’re reuniting again for duo FNCS,” he said. “We’re gonna try it out and see what goes down. We’re both much better players, and we’ve both played a lot more since then, and hopefully this time we can pull out a few things and come out with some good performances and results.”

Ninja and SypherPK have a little bit of competitive experience together, duoing in the Fall Skirmish Series back in September 2018. However, they failed to really make their mark, finishing in 44th.

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Ninja and Reverse2k announced their split on March 11 just days after the latest FNCS announcement. The duo had reportedly lost their synergy, often arguing during scrims due to differing expectations, the pair confirmed.

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The Mixer star also noted scrims had been plagued with performance issues, with players “getting shot through walls” and “teleporting” among other server problems, and that was killing his competitive drive in the game.

Marcus ‘Ranger’ Pereira, Sypher’s former duo partner, will be joining forces with Andre ‘Typical Gamer’ Rebelo. It comes after Ranger and Sypher played together in the World Cup qualifiers in 2019, as well as the Winter Royale in December.

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While the two bring a lot of name value to the table, fans are waiting to see how they’ll stack up against proven players like Solos World Cup champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf and his duo ‘Stretch’.

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The FNCS Chapter 2: Season 2 duos tournament kicks off on March 20, with four weeks of action on the cards before the Season Finals.