Ninja & SypherPK find terrible Fortnite stone that traps you inside

Ninja & SypherPK

Epic Games released Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 on March 20th with some changes and exciting skins. But there appear to be a few bugs in the game, putting a damper on the fun, as found by Ninja & SypherPK. 

Fortnite is no stranger to bugs. Bugs have impacted each season of Fortnite as Epic Games has created update patches to address massive and small problems alike. For example, April 2021 saw a Fortnite bug causing players’ screens to shift sideways, making the game almost unplayable for some. 

So, when two of the most popular streamers on Twitch stream a two-day-old season of Fortnite for their communities to enjoy, you have to wonder, “what could go wrong?” Nothing for a good period until the two streamers accidentally discovered a bug that rendered them motionless. 

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Ninja & SypherPKNinja and SypherPK struggle to break free from the “Shifty Shaft Bug.”

Ninja & SypherPK discover a bug in Fortnite

As the two streamers hid to gather their bearings, Ninja & SypherPK slipped into an unsuspecting crevice.

Located northwest of Shifty Shafts, the duo dropped down into the cracks and, to their surprise, became stuck. SypherPK’s character was motionless in mid-air while Ninja’s character was frozen in a crouching state.

Unfortunately, Ninja & SypherPK only had a little time before the storm came in swooping, so this position was less than ideal.

Both streamers attempted everything to try and break from the bug-ridden state, but were ultimately unsuccessful. In the end, they were swallowed by the purple haze, leading to a frustrated Ninja. 

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What caused the bug?

While the cause of the bug is unknown, we can hope Epic will fix it soon. Ninja & SypherPK are two of the most popular streamers, and with so many eyes on them, it’s hard to fathom that an Epic Games employee wouldn’t see this issue. 

So, if you’ve been recently stuck between these particular rocks, then it is a good chance it is all a part of the “Shifty Shaft bug.” Of course, its hard to say whether its just Shifty Shaft impacted by this glitch but we are sure to find out as the seasons presses on. 

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Hopefully Epic Games can fix this issue sooner rather than a later date. 

Check out the Epic Games page for all the latest updates and patch notes.