Ninja Showcases the Sheer Power of the New Compact SMG in Fortnite

The new Compact SMG in Fortnite: Battle Royale has been raising a lot of eyebrows among community members.

Released on July 24 in Patch V.5.1, the Compact SMG has shown to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game after only mere hours of being introduced.

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With an incredibly high fire-rate and magazine size, players have the ability to ‘spray-and-pray’ opponents and structures with a high degree of success, which has led to a sense of resentment from many.

Although the Compact SMG has yet to be in the game for a full day at the time of writing, some are already calling for it to be nerfed, including high profile content creators and professional players.

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While trying out the new weapon, Ninja put the sheer power and strength of the Compact SMG on display by mowing down the base of an enemy team en route to a Victory Royale.