Ninja Masterfully Puts the Fortnite Shopping Cart to Use With a Hilarious Double-Kill

by DG Goldstein


Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins masterfully put the new 'Shopping Cart' in Fortnite: Battle Royale to use with a perfectly-timed Clinger Grenade double-kill on an enemy team.

When it comes to adding new content, few games can compare to Fortnite in recent months in regards to patches, updates, and an overall schedule of in-game maintenance.


New updates are introduced weekly by Epic Games into Fortnite, which feature additions such as new items, outfits, weapons, and much more, along with their ability to fix any problems or issues that may arise in a quick fashion.

On May 25th, Epic Games took Fortnite to the next level by introducing the 'Shopping Cart,' allowing players to traverse the map in a quick fashion and battle enemy opponents in a hilarious manner.


When testing out the new Shopping Cart, Ninja got into a heated battle with an enemy duo which turned into a 'jousting' fight and ended up taking out the team with a well-timed Clinger Grenade throw, much to his enjoyment.


More content like this can be viewed on Ninja's official Twitch and YouTube channels, with updates from the streamer coming via his Twitter account.

Information on the latest V.4.3.0 update including patch notes, new additions, and more can be found right here.