Ninja makes major promise after failing to qualify for Fortnite World Cup

Published: 28/Jul/2019 22:53 Updated: 28/Jul/2019 23:17

by Eli Becht


Tyler ‘Fortnite World Cup but promised he’ll be there next year shortly after it wrapped up.

Ninja, arguably the biggest name in all of Fortnite, surprised everyone when he wasn’t able to lock down a qualifying spot to the World Cup.

He still showed up for the Pro-Am event and casted the first two games of the Duos Finals, but he revealed that he would have enjoyed it a lot more if he were out there competing instead.

TWITCH:NINJANinja is ready for a comeback.

The former Halo pro proved he still has a competitive fire burning in him and watching on the sidelines while players competed for millions of dollars had to sting.

“I didn’t put the full time or effort in to be on that stage the last two days,” he tweeted. “I promise I’ll be there next year.”

Anyone who followed Ninja through the qualifying portion knows how far he came as a pro in Fortnite and he came close to qualifying several times.

Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner, his duos partner throughout the World Cup, signed to TSM and qualified for the solos event, but has to be excited for a chance to run it back with a motivated and hungry Ninja.

The future of competitive Fortnite is going to look a lot different as a lot of players made names for themselves in this World Cup, most notably Bugha, the winner of the solos.

Ninja knows he has his work cut out for him and if Reverse doesn’t plan on partnering with him again, there is another big name just waiting.

“Yes, Ninja and I will qualify for the World Cup next year since Reverse2k let him down,” the Doc tweeted.

That’s right, Dr Disrespect is looking to throw his hat into the ring and pick up another championship.

The Two-Time is almost certainly joking about being on the stage next year considering how much he’s criticized Fortnite but crazier things have happened.


SypherPK reveals Fortnite Season 5 glitch that lets you float at Coral Castle

Published: 20/Jan/2021 0:14 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 0:15

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


SypherPK has already found quite a few tips, tricks, and glitches in Fortnite Season 5, but none are as hilarious as this one at Coral Castle that lets players ‘float’ in the air.

Fortnite Season 5 is well-polished, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks and glitches that players can exploit. Game-breaking ones like being able to stay in the storm forever inevitably get patched.

However, smaller ones are more difficult to iron out, and nobody finds them better than Ali ‘SypherPk’ Hassan. He’s shared many crazy tips and tricks in the past. Now, he’s at it again with a glitch that lets players ‘float.’ He showed it off in a recent video, and the results are hilarious.

If you want to know how to do it, here’s a quick guide.

Fortnite Bash Burner Pickaxe SypherPK
Twitter: SypherPK
SypherPK is the king of finding and sharing tips and tricks in Fortnite.

How to perform the ‘float’ glitch in Fortnite Season 5

To begin, you’ll need to make your way to Coral Castle. It’s not a popular landing spot by any means. SypherPK has only landed there about five times in total himself due to the lack of loot. However, the float glitch makes it more compelling.

Take note of what looks like a small pink pebble floating in the air. It’s difficult to spot at first, but once you’ve seen it in the video below, you’ll know what it is. Strangely, you can stand on it, even though it’s tiny.

Build your way up and perch yourself on top of the pebble. Then, knock all the platforms down and stay up there, which creates the illusion of floating. It’s no cheap gimmick, though. It’s an excellent spot to rain down some bullets on unsuspecting foes, even if it leaves you a bit vulnerable.

SypherPK managed to snag a bunch of eliminations while standing up there. He even managed to get a couple of early shots in and then swoop down on opponents while they were recovering.

SypherPK’s ‘float’ glitch probably won’t win you a game. However, it looks like a lot of fun and will likely help you secure some easy eliminations.

In the end, being innovative is a part of the game, and this glitch takes full advantage of that. 

Plus, imagine the look on your opponent’s face when they realize where they got shot from.