Ninja hits insane head-shot snipe while doing a mid-air back-flip with the new Quadcrasher in Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


The new Quadcrasher vehicles in Fortnite have been a hugely popular addition, and Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is already putting them to spectacular use. 


The star Twitch streamer was dominating Fortnite matches as usual when he and his teammate, and fellow popular streamer, Timthetatman decided to turn the game into a full on X-Games event. 

With Tim at the wheel of a Quadcrasher, Ninja noticed an enemy team perched up on a nearby hill. Electing not to take a shot with his Hunting Rifle right away, he told Tim to get them in the air using the power of a nearby Ruin.


Once in the air, Tim used the Quadcrasher's boost ability to thrust forward, causing the vehicle to do a flip mid-air, called a 'Lazy G-Flip.'

The movement did not faze Ninja however, as he took aim and hit an incredible head-shot snipe at one of the enemy players, knocking him down with a single shot. 


The pair's explosive reaction was one you would expect after pulling off a sequence as spectacular as that one, especially since it was pre-meditated and in no way an accident. 

As if the shot wasn't enough, the stunt with the Quadcrasher itself was also pretty remarkable, as they were awarded for completing a 'Lazy Rounder,' '180 Orbit,' and 'Full G-Flip,' earning a multitude of stunt points. 


While Ninja was the star of the show in this Fortnite edition of the X-Games, Timthetatman certainly deserves some plaudits for his expert control of the vehicle.

He certainly has demonstrated much more mastery in Fortnite than in Call of Duty's new Blackout battle royale mode, where he recently almost killed a teammate and then flash-banged himself in a hilarious match