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Ninja hits a new milestone of Twitch views

Published: 6/Jan/2019 20:06 Updated: 6/Jan/2019 20:08

by Vincent Genova


Twitch sensation Ninja hit an unbelievable milestone on January 6, crossing the 400 million view mark.

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The popular Fortnite streamer announced his channel has hit a grand total of 400,071,708.

For comparison, Shroud and DrDisRespect are around 200 and 100 million, respectively.

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The new milestone is not much of a surprise considering the success Ninja has had in 2018. The former Halo pro led Twitch viewership, amassing 227 million hours of view time in 2018, more than double the second most watched channel.

Ninja tripled the viewership hours of the Overwatch League channel, leading him to toss a joke their way.

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The popularity has brought the streamer significant wealth as well, bringing in an estimated 10 million dollars of revenue last year.

His Twitch fame also crossed into the mainstream when Ninja hosted a New Year’s Eve celebration stream from Times Square in New York City.

Unfortunately for Ninja, the stream resulted in a viral clip of him failing to get Times Square to dance with him.

The goof is skyrocketing it’s way to the most viewed Twitch clips of all time.