Ninja Goes Off For Insane 23 Kill Round Against FaZe In KEEMSTAR Friday Fortnite $10,000 Tournament

by Scott Mahoney


During the 'Friday Fortnite' $10K Tournament, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins dropped an insane 23 kills to tie the series against FaZe.

Ninja and Team Envy pro King Richard faced a massive 8 kill deficit against FaZe clan’s Turner "Tfue" Tenney and Dennis "Cloak" Lepore heading into the second map of the kill based tournament.


Ninja and King Richard dropped a combined 4 kills in the first game of the series while Tfue and Cloak found 12 kills to take a sound lead.

Ninja and King Richard made the decision to land at separate locations and try to rack up some serious kills en route to a comeback.

Ninja landed at Tilted Towers, while King Richard landed at Retail Row before dying to a squad almost immediately.


Ninja would leave Tilted Towers with an incredible 10 kills off the initial drop and he did so using a LMG.

Check out this nasty clip from Ninja in Tilted that King Richard calls “amazing”.


Ninja would continue this hot start by finding an additional 13 kills on the map to tie the series with FaZe.

Following the 23 kill performance Ninja and King Richard would go on to lose the tie breaker map.

Other players in the KEEMSTAR tournament took to Twitter to show their appreciation for Ninja’s epic performance.

Keem, himself even had to throw some love Ninja’s way.