Ninja claims Fortnite fight victim at DreamHack Dallas was “asking” for it

ninja-fortnite-fightTwitch: Ninja / Epic Games

After hearing about the fight between two Fortnite pro players at DreamHack Dallas, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins claimed the victim was “asking” for it after intentionally griefing the attacker in-game.

On June 3, Fortnite pro DiegoPlayz was on the verge of winning a LAN tournament at Dreamhack Dallas.

However, another player who had already been eliminated allegedly landed near him and tried to ruin his game on purpose.

After it happened, Diego sought out the other player in person and attacked him. A snippet of the incident was caught on camera. He later apologized for his reaction, although he insisted it felt “horrible” to have been griefed.

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The event piqued Ninja’s interest. “The guy in first or whoever was about to quality went over to him and beat the sh*t out of the guy who griefed him?” he said.

After being told the victim griefed the attacker intentionally and was sitting in last place when it happened, he added: “That sounds good to me, man! What a f**king loser. You play stupid games, you’re going to win stupid prizes.”

“That f**king reject thinks that it’s cool to ruin the competitive integrity of another player who is better than him and is performing better than him at a live event, and he’s going to grief him on purpose?”

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Finally, Ninja said that while he doesn’t think it’s ever appropriate for one player to “beat the sh*t out of” another player, he claims the victim was asking for it by doing what he did.

“You cannot tell me that kid didn’t ask for it!”

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney also chimed in by commenting on the video and agreed with everything Ninja had said. “Couldn’t have said it better, to be honest,” he said.

However, not everyone agreed with that sentiment.

DreamHack hasn’t released an official statement addressing the incident. As it stands, the two players haven’t been banned from attending future events. However, that could change as the debate about who was right and wrong wages on.

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