Ninja explodes at Funk after falling victim to Fortnite stream snipers

Epic Games / Mixer: Ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins didn’t hide his thoughts on Trevor ‘Funk’ Siegler’s playstyle after the Mixer superstar found himself alone and outgunned against a four-man Fortnite stream-sniping squad, despite having three squadmates.

Ninja, the streamer’s regular duo partner Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner, Funk, and FaZe Ewok were grinding out Fortnite squad matches, looking to pick up an elusive win-streak, when a group of stream snipers arrived looking for kills.

While Ninja clearly thought he was about to get backup as he raced towards his opponents, his FaZe teammates had other ideas. Blevins got off a bit of damage, and hope flickered for a second he may be able to one-vs-four.

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Instead, the alleged stream snipers quickly polished the Mixer star off, and left him seething at his friends. In particular, Ninja turned the jets on Funk, blaming him for “moving too far off ahead” when Ninja was still “200 meters behind.”

“I’m so f**king mad right now… I’m behind you guys!” the streamer exploded during his Feb 6 broadcast. When Funk suggested it wasn’t his fault, Ninja ramped up more. “I’m mad at all of you. I don’t play squads for someone to go off on their own!”

Mixer: Ninja
The Mixer superstar snapped after being caught by four alleged stream snipers without his team.

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According to the Fortnite star, who claimed he was “100% truly mad” to his viewers when he muted himself moments later, he “f**king hates people who run away,” and accused Funk of leaving him behind “every single game.”

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“Now I’m f**king dead, because you got in trouble and everyone had to go help your ass out, and then I get killed 200 meters behind. Then I got a whole stream sniper squad that kills me, it’s so annoying man,” he added.

“You guys think I’m being a f**king baby? I didn’t just loot up for seven minutes, upgrade my SPAS, have a purple RPG so I could get stream-sniped and die without my squad, that’s not why I play squads. I’m so f**king pissed.”

FaZe Clan
Funk found the whole situation hilarious, and goaded Ninja into getting even more mad.

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Tensions continued to rise as Ninja dolled out angry comment after angry comment, and Funk suggested it was best if the squad just restart so everyone could play instead of Ninja being on the sideline for a while.

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For some reason, that seemed to tilt the Mixer star even more, and he demanded Funk and the team keep playing to keep a win-streak alive. The FaZe youngster seemed to not take that too seriously, however, and started playing around.

As he edged closer and closer to the side of his tall construction, threatening to jump, Ninja began to beg: “Please, just play it out… please, Funk, I want you to play it out. Pleeeeease! I’ll be even madder if you don’t get a dub.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 1:02 in the video below.

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Unfortunately for Ninja, Funk had other plans, and tumbled to his death for a 6th place finish. In the post-game lobby, the peeved streamer turned his attention to his viewers, who had been telling him to pipe down during the outburst.

“I’m allowed to be mad at my friends! I’m allowed to rage at my friends without you guys judging me and telling me to shut up,” he yelled, then settled down until another comment suggesting it was “just a game” caught his eye.

“If anyone ever uses the excuse it’s just a game I’m going to lose my mind! Imagine telling Lebron James, Tom Brady, it’s just a game. It’s about respect and pride. It’s so much bigger. Anyone that uses that excuse is a horrible, lazy human being.”

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While you may be judging Ninja, it’s hard to admit you haven’t been there before — in sports and gaming tensions run high, and there’ll always be outbursts once in a while. This time, it was just Funk unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire.