Ninja explains why Tfue’s Fortnite Season 3 criticism is wrong

. 2 years ago
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Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has explained why fellow streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney “complaining” about the changes in Fortnite Season 3 was unfair.

After a few setbacks and delays, Epic Games finally released Fortnite’s Season 3 on June 17, bringing along many changes to the popular battle royale title that fans were eager to try out.

Along with a flooded map, Season 3 introduced some new weapons such as the Charge Shotgun, although Tfue was not too happy about the new weapon loot pool in Fortnite, claiming that it was “rough” compared to previous seasons.

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The new Fortnite season has brought plenty of changes.

Ninja, who was streaming alongside Myth shortly after the new patch dropped, responded to Tfue’s criticism and said “there’s no way” he was voicing his complaints this early into the season.

“Within the first ten or thirty minutes into the season, Turner is already complaining,” he added, before questioning the latest changes, “But like I don’t understand what they removed, there’s a new pump that adds a completely new dynamic to the game.”

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He then began listing all of the weapons that had remained in-game since season 2 and was unsure of how Tfue felt that the loot pool had become worse, “I don’t understand, what did they remove that makes the loot pool trash?”

Myth chimed in, suggesting that Tfue was likely unhappy with the new shotgun, however, Ninja was quick to shoot down that suggestion claiming that even the base version of the weapon is quite powerful. “Adding the new pump does not make the loot pool rough” he argued. “The grey charge pump does point blank 180.”

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Ninja even claimed that were some good weapon changes in the new update, adding that the latest burst gun changes were “a direct nerf to controller players”, something that Tfue has been heavily pushing for in recent Fortnite seasons.

Ninja explained that Tfue might’ve been a little too early to judge the new season, highlighting that he switched back to Warzone not long after the patch was released. “How are you going to play something for less than an hour and already be like ‘ugh’?” he asked,  imitating Tfue’s reaction to the latest season.

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Despite Tfue’s early criticism of the changes, it seems as if he is now enjoying the battle royale title, posting a day later that the new Fortnite season is actually “fun” for him. Although the pair have been quite vocal about one another in the past, Tfue has not yet responded to Ninja’s take on his criticism.

You can check out the latest weapon changes for yourself, along with many of the other changes that were recently added to Fortnite, in the Season 3 patch notes guide.

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