Ninja explains why Season 2 is making Fortnite less popular

Mixer: Ninja/Epic Games

Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has explained that he “feels bad” for Fortnite players who have decided to return to the battle royale with the start of Chapter Two, Season Two, with Epic Games making it “difficult” to learn again.

The start of Fortnite Chapter 2 gave fans the longest season in the history of the battle royale – with players finding other games to play after complaints about a lack of new content.

With the start of Chapter Two, Season Two, that request for new content seemed to be fulfilled as Epic Games added a Top Secret theme to the game, as well as a whole host of new locations and NPCs. Though, as players have been returning to the battle royale to see what they’ve missed, not all of them have gotten up to speed with it just yet.

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Epic Games
NPCs are one of the major changes to be added to Fortnite in Season 2.

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One of those players is Jordan Fisher, who had been playing with Ninja on March 27, as the former Halo pro tried to show the singer the ropes of the new season. Dropping repeatedly at The Agency – which has been dubbed the new Tilted Towers – the pair were taken down by a number of players inside, leading to growing frustrations. 

As a result, Ninja explained that he feels bad for people like Fisher who have returned to the major changes after walking away from the game for some time. 

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“You know what’s crazy, this is actually making me kind of feel bad for players who are trying to return, like how difficult it is to actually learn the complicated areas,” he said, noting that is duo partner is a “good gamer,” but still struggles with getting to grips with season two.

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Fisher himself even admitted that Epic “make it tough for people to come back” to the game, though that wouldn’t deter him from playing a session of games alongside the Mixer streaming star.

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Whether or not other Fortnite players share the same sentiments as the pair remains to be seen but, the challenges that season two has presented has prompted fans to try out alternatives like Call of Duty: Warzone – which Ninja himself has been playing.