Ninja explains why he refuses to drop at The Agency in Fortnite

by Joe Craven
Epic Games/Mixer: Ninja


Popular Mixer streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has revealed an “insane theory” regarding Fortnite Chapter 2’s henchmen, which plays a major part in why he refuses to drop at The Agency.

Despite Fortnite’s incredible popularity and the extent to which it aided Ninja’s streaming dominance, the 28-year-old has never shied away from making his opinions heard about the game, while also criticizing those who repeatedly slam the game while continuing to play it.

Among other things, he has taken issue with how fast lobbies empty in the game’s current build, as well as arguing that the game’s new map should be replaced with the original map. While he continues to play the game, he appears to be growing frustrated with a lack of innovation on Epic’s behalf, who have become known for regular content drops and fresh updates. 

Epic Games
The Agency is one area patrolled by henchmen.


AI has been used by Fortnite to fill lobbies for some time now, a move that has proved controversial. This was extended to ‘henchmen’ in Chapter 2, AI bots who patrol specific areas of the map, including the infamous Agency. 

After trying to escape via a bin tunnel, Ninja was promptly killed by a henchman who hit multiple consecutive shots. However, the henchman then missed multiple shots on a different player, causing Blevins to become frustrated. 

“And then the henchman just misses every shot on this guy?!” he exclaimed. “I’m gonna say it - insane theory crap now - the henchmen are programmed differently, at a different level of aim assist strength on different players in the game.”


“Dude, I hop out of the dumpster, this guy sees me, he hits three shots in a row, I’m dead,” he continued. “The guy follows me and the henchmen misses like ten bullets in a row on him.” 

As a top-level player, Ninja’s theory states that the henchmen have better aim against him than the average player. While unproven and an “insane” theory, Ninja clearly thinks the bots have been more punishing to him than others. 

“Sypher, we’re never landing Agency again in regulars,” he finished. “Ever. You hear me bro? Ever. Ever. I’m not even kidding. We are never, ever landing near any AI in this game - ever. I’m over it.” 

Epic Games
The Henchmen were added in Season 2 in Chapter 2.


He went on to explain that one henchman targeted him from the other side of the building, and killed him while he was being pushed by a different enemy. 

While Ninja’s theory is certainly outlandish, it would go some way to explain why he struggles to overcome AI opponents, who are then easily outclassed by lower skill players. 

The move to add AI into normal Fortnite matches was controversial when it first happened and, despite months passing, it doesn’t appear to be gaining favor with this particular Mixer star.