Ninja explains why Fortnite's Legendary Assault Rifle is "trash"

by Jacob Hale
Mixer: Ninja / Epic Games


Mixer streamer and Fortnite star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has explained why he thinks Fortnite’s Legendary Assault Rifle is “trash” after a tough death during a duo match.

Ninja has often been seen as one of the more lighthearted and family-friendly streamers in recent years, but his rage after being eliminated in a match on the battle royale title triggered a particularly angry response from the former Halo professional.

While running into the storm, Ninja ended up in a medium-range gunfight with another player using an SMG and got melted by the player on low-ground, hitting only one shot from his Scar in the gunfight.

Epic Games
The streamer even implied that he's done better with a grey AR than the Scar.


Immediately, Ninja was furious, in disbelief that he had been killed in such a way and vented his frustrations to SypherPK.

“Bro, I hate the SMG so much,” he said. “The Scar is so bad, man. The guy’s like 10 meters away from me, I’m looking straight down at him, I hit one bullet. He looks up with an SMG and just hits every shot.”

It seems at first that Ninja’s frustrations are with the power of the SMG, and not the Scar itself, exclaiming that he was AR distance while his opponent wasn’t, clearly not happy that he was killed from that distance.

(Timestamp 00:26 for mobile viewers)


After sitting in silence for a while, evidently annoyed at what had happened, he said “I’m just going to say it… I don’t care. The Scar is trash.”

“I’ll take an AUG any day,” he said, referencing the Epic and Legendary variations of the Burst Assault Rifle. “You know what, give me a blue Famas. I’ll say it. I’ll say what people are afraid to say.”

Teammate Sypher agreed with him, though with a more calm demeanor about him. He said that he thinks the assault rifle gunplay is not very satisfying, explaining that, conversely, he thinks the shotgun’s and SMG’s are satisfying to use.

Epic Games
Ninja even said he would always take the Famas or the AUG over a Scar.


It could be a bit of a stretch to call the Legendary Assault Rifle “trash,” but you can certainly see why Ninja is upset. In the gunfight he lost, he definitely seemed to have the upper hand in all ways, but appeared to be let down by the bloom of his gun.

He went on to say that he’ll be upgrading his Scar to an AK (Heavy Assault Rifle) wherever possible going forward, saying that it’s a much more satisfying weapon to use.