Ninja explains why Epic Games shouldn't allow stretch resolution in Fortnite tournaments - Dexerto

Ninja explains why Epic Games shouldn’t allow stretch resolution in Fortnite tournaments

Published: 26/Feb/2019 20:18 Updated: 3/Apr/2019 16:54

by Alan Bernal


Twitch star Tyler ‘Fortnite by denouncing its use and claiming it could actually give you an unfair advantage.

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Like many other games, Fortnite gives the option of changing the game’s resolution. The switch can offer players a larger field of view which gives slightly more info on the battlefield.

During his broadcast Ninja and his duo were discussing the viability of the option when the Fortnite streamer vehemently decried using anything but the native resolution in game.

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DexertoNinja might not like players playing on stretched resolution, but it hasn’t stopped him from dominating in Fortnite.

After admitting that he sometimes loses track of an opponent in build battles, Ninja gave a scathing remark on using a stretched resolution during events.


“It’s so stupid, I hate that,” Ninja said on the use of stretched resolutions. “I hate that people are allowed to do it to… Come dude, you get a clear advantage.”

(Timestamp at 0:48 for mobile viewers)

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Ninja wasn’t hating on people using stretched resolution, later saying it was “amazing that Fortnite” let’s people compete with different view ratio.

The streamer said he had never played on anything beside the native resolution, noting it might be his “weakness” since he would have a much better chance of tracking players during intense fights.

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It seems like Ninja isn’t a fan of the option, especially in competitive environments where the stretched resolution can have a crucial impact on a match.