Ninja left disappointed with Fortnite Avengers: Endgame content

L: Ninja. R: Epic Games

Fornite Battle Royale and Avengers: Endgame crossover, after shutting down multiple requests to play the new Limited Time Mode.

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The second collaboration between Marvel’s Avengers and Epic Games launched on April 25, marking the release of Avengers: Endgame. Unlike the first time around, Epic have introduced more than just an LTM – releasing a Black Widow skin set, with a Star-Lord also rumored to be on the way.

However, while a ton of fans might be satisfied with what they’re seeing, Ninja appeared to be pretty frustrated by not having more than the current offering. 

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Epic GamesThanos made his second Fortnite appearance with the Endgame LTM.

What did Ninja say?

During his April 25 stream, Ninja was pushed for his stance on playing the new Endgame LTM by Paul ‘ActionJaxonbtw’ on stream, instead of just regular squads and duos games.

After repeatedly being asked if he wanted to play the new mode, Ninja sarcastically replied: “It’s fun,” over and over. “You get it. It’s fun, right? Like, I like it, it’s great but you know.”

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Ninja was pushed for an answer by ActionJaxonBTW, but continued with his sarcastic replies of “I love it” and “It’s great,” before completely avoiding the mode and just jumping into a normal game of duos with his fellow streamer.

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It didn’t take long for Ninja to open just a little bit about his disappointment with the new additions. “You know what, I’m so curious as to why they won’t let you play as the superheroes,” he remarked. “You know what I mean, like, Thanos back-to-back. Now you have the abilities of them [the Avengers] but you can’t be like… I don’t know.”

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ActionJaxonBTW revealed to Ninja that he was already pretty disappointed by the collaboration, before the new content even released. “Is it bad that when I saw the fish hand holding Stormbreaker that I was kind of a little disappointed?,” he asked Ninja, before the streamer could fire back a sarcastic: “A little?”

What else does Epic have in store?

While plenty of fans are pretty happy with what they’re playing, especially with plenty of free cosmetics to be unlocked via challenges and Epic already dropping updates for the mode, Ninja clearly isn’t one of them.  

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However, maybe he’ll get sucked into playing the LTM if the rumors about more character-based skins appear to come true. It remains to be seen.

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